Do I have the energy?

An orange cat yawns widely.

After getting COVID, I'm feeling like I don't have the energy for much right now.

We all hear about the fatigue that coronavirus hits many people with, but I didn't realise to what extent it would hit me till I got it. After two weeks, I still find I am struggling to focus on a screen for too long, and as someone who has to do so for both work and study, this has been a hindrance.

Doing assignments, writing essays, even watching lectures, all take quite a bit of mental and physical energy. You have to push yourself to use your brain by understanding concepts and articulating your thoughts. So how do you go about this when you are drained of your energy?

I am still navigating this, because it is difficult. I have reached that point in the semester where I feel like I really cannot take afford to take a break. You become even more behind, and get stressed about work is waiting for you. What I am trying to tell myself is: sometimes, you need to rest if you feel exhausted. You're not going to get your most productive work done when you are needing a nap. I'm also telling myself that it is okay to not produce my best assignments right now; surely this pandemic that has been affecting us all for two years is a good excuse to be easy on yourself.

I'm hopeful that in the following weeks, my energy levels will start to rise. I'm beginning to feel it when I step away from my laptop and see friends and family, or make more time for my hobbies. Let's hope the fatigue doesn't linger for too much longer, but while it does, I'm letting myself sleep in!

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