Finally getting COVID

A group of pills on a table in the formation of the word 'COVID-19'.

After being super cautious for the duration of the pandemic, I finally got coronavirus a couple of weeks ago. 

Despite being immunocompromised (and getting the antiviral treatment), I was very fortunate to not be incredibly sick with COVID. However, I still felt the bad side effects of nausea and fatigue which are still affecting me now.  Due to my health, I have been through many periods of self-isolation, of missing out on social events, of washing groceries and staying masked indoors which may have seemed crazy to many. But of course, now that I am back at work and university, it felt almost inevitable that I would eventually get it, especially after being a close contact way too many times. 

I was lucky that my boyfriend tested positive after we had been interstate together on a holiday, so as soon as he had his RAT, I knew that I should work from home and stay away from people. The next day, I was positive too but I did feel that I was prepared since I knew it was coming. 

Though it was very hard to focus, and I felt that not many people would let me have a week off, I ultimately felt grateful that my COVID was very manageable. As I navigate slowly getting better, I am appreciative of all the support that I have received. And hey, I got to play a lot of Spider Solitaire!

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