Reasons to love winter

Bird's eye view of coffee in a girl's hands

As much as I tell myself how I absolutely detest the cold and will always prefer a scorching summer's day, there's a handful of perks that come with the rainy season that I like to remind myself of when the wet weather gets me down.

The aesthetic 

Rain on a window while I play some video games or fall asleep, the smell of earth and trees wafting about after the rain passes, wrapped in a warm blanket hugging a heatpack like a teddy, my earphones in with some mellow lofi tunes-- these all pass The Vibe Check 100%.

New recipes to discover

Soup is one of my absolute favourite foods to experiment with. I love browsing pinterest and making a board of adventurous recipes to try or picking up a new soup recipe book from Kmart. That, or browsing TikTok for the latest hot drink trends. Social media is a host to creativity in the kitchen waiting to be discovered on a rainy day indoors!

Silly socks

Socks are far too easy to buy. I love scoping out some quirky pop-up stores selling weird and whacky sock designs for me to sport around the house while I shuffle along in my uggboots. You can't go wrong with a fresh pair of fun, fluffy socks for those extra chilly days.

Seasonal fashion

Winter fashion is probably my favourite kind all year round. Turtle necks, long pants, thigh-high boots and big trench coats are some of my favourite all-time wardrobe items. I always look forward to a seasonal shopping spree for a wardrobe upgrade and add some fresh looks to my 'brand'. 

Community events

One of my favourite moments lasts year was attending the Glenelg winter markets with my friends! There were homemade stalls, hot chocolate and donuts, live music and even an ice rink. Winter can bring all kinds of themed events to attend during the season, so why pass up the chance to have a great time out in the frost with friends?

As a person who's mood can very much change with the weather, it's very easy for me to get down in the dumps when I'm shivering on a cold day and sniffling all the way to class. But there's only some things you get to truly experience for a small part of a year, so we might as well and try to find all the good things to enjoy before it goes away!

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