My mish-mash missions

Rows of a variety of watercolour paint dishes

Ever thought that maybe it's not your dream job you should be pursuing, but something else instead?

"Don't find a job, find a mission," was what this TED Talk told me. 

I would absolutely crumple into a boneless heap on the floor if someone asked me what my dream job was. I've got not the slightest clue on where I would even begin with that question. But if someone were to instead ask me what my mission was, I could easily express my desire to help people and bring hope, to be a creator of some essence, and to experience the world in its entirety. Right now, I could not think of anything more stressful than trying to squeeze these 'missions' of mine into a single job description.

I've watched a lot of TED talks about how to find my dream job, or how to choose the right degree, or how to find out what my life purpose is. The problem that I have with all of these things is that they can be defined by their own name or title. Veterinarian, artist, philosopher, engineer, linguist -  I've discovered that when ever something can be named, I immediately feel this pressure to conform myself into a specific image, or follow a specific path, that will allow me to achieve this title.

I don't want to do one thing for the rest of my life. I want to mix everything up! Who's to say a scientist can't be an artist? I want to take everything I learn, mix it in a paint-pot and create my own rainbow of a career with all the different shades of my interests.

I'm thankful to be in this age of the working world -  a job nowadays can be literally anything you want it to be. We can use our passions and degrees as vehicles that drive us down all kinds of paths, it doesn't have to be so black and white. We all know this was absolutely not the case a couple of generations ago. The world has changed so much, and who's to say it can't change again?

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