Warm winter soups

Soup in a mug

I have been cooking more than ever this winter.

I have made multiple loafs of bread, salads, pastas, bakes, and cakes. Cooking always makes me feel warmer and there is no better feeling then eating something fresh out of the oven. Despite cooking all these recipes, I would have to say that soup is a highlight. I have found it a bit of a labour of love and a chance for me to warm up in the kitchen, put my mind to something else and enjoy the fruit of my labour. These are some of my tops soups to try this winter:

  • Pumpkin soup: There are plenty of pumpkins in season and they’re highly nutritious.
  • Leek and potato soup: I’m sure like me, everyone ends up with some miscellaneous potatoes in their cupboards. This soup is a great way to use them up. The acidity from the leek works perfectly with the creaminess from the potato.
  • French onion soup: Although there will be tears and lots of onion involved, this soup is simple and decadent. What’s better is it only requires a few ingredients which are budget friendly. The biggest expense will be the onions and the herbs (and a cheeky cube of butter).
  • Minestrone: This is a classic Italian soup. It is a great way to use up left over vegetables and make them all come together. The soup has different variations, but most use a wide array of vegetables, herbs and pasta or rice.  

My final thoughts on making a great soup are to ‘jazz it up a bit’. Soup can be delicious with a few simple tricks. All-too-often people tend to cook their soup, blitz it up and serve it. A good meal, in my opinion, needs textures, colour and fats. For soup, I will often top with cracked black pepper or spices, add a dollop of cream (depending on the soup), garnish with various herbs, serve with crusty bread, top with melted cheese, or serve with cheese toasties. It depends on the flavour profile of the soup, but these are some simple ideas to ‘jazz it up a bit’.

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