Adventure is out there

A set of keys in the lock of an open door

I spend my last day in Adelaide in the student hub of the university with my favourite soy matcha latte, wondering what's next for me.

It didn't feel right to spend my last day in the place I've called home for two and a half years slaving away at packing the rest of my boxes (though I most definitely should be doing that right now). I wanted to be in the place that I found to be integral to my daily routine for those last couple of years.

I thought that the moment I arrived in Adelaide, all I would care about was getting back home. I never considered once the idea of growing attached to anything because I knew it was always going to be temporary. But sitting here in the student hub one last time, watching people hustling to their next classes and laughing over lunch, I'm more sentimental about my departure than I realised.

Technically speaking, everything is temporary in life. Every experience has its chapter in our narratives before it's time to turn the page to a new one. This shouldn't determine the depth of my relationships and the choices I make, though. I have the choice to make every experience I have as real and personal as I want it to be. If I'm constantly living in the mindset of the temporal, then my life will never truly feel stable.

Stability doesn't need to be an unchanging constant. I don't need to live in the same place and have the same friends for decades for my life to feel stable. Stability can be having the determination to achieve my goals, and the confidence to achieve those goals in whatever ways that are presented to me. This is what moving away from home has taught me.

Thanks to that one leap I took in 2020 to come to Adelaide with my parents, possibilities seem endless to me. I'm excited to discover what other places, within or beyond Australia, I'll get to call home. Without a doubt, my time in South Australia has taught me so many things about myself and changed me into a person I'm excited to grow more into in the future.

All that being said-- this is my official sign-off as a student blogger for the University of Adelaide. With all these new experiences under my belt, I'm ready to write the next chapter of my life in a new home, at a new university, with a new determination to be open-minded towards a new adventure.

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