News: moving house

Addicted to sentimentality

Pink box full of personal mementos

While I pack endless boxes before moving away, I'm forced to decide if the emotional value of every tiny little thing I own is really worth as much as I think it is.

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Adventure is out there

A set of keys in the lock of an open door

I spend my last day in Adelaide in the student hub of the university with my favourite soy matcha latte, wondering what's next for me.

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Reflections of time gone by

Young woman in a white tank top carrying packing boxes

Getting the news that I'll be moving back home made me scream with delight, but it also has made me reflect on how much moving away from home has actually done for me.

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Letting go of stuff

Boxes full of books

As always, I am a collector of crap. Before I know it, I have shelves full of things that I barely use and items that have seen better days.

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