Maybe I do like movies?

A person is browsing Netflix on their television.

I'm not the biggest movie buff, but sometimes curling up to watch a film is exactly what you need.

It is kind of a joke with my friends that I don't like movies. That is not to say that I don't watch movies, rather, I get bored of them quickly and would much prefer reading a book.

However, being sick over the last week, I was forced to take some time to rest. As someone who loves being busy, I had to tell myself that a proper rest included no work, no study, and absolutely no tasks that required much brain power. It is easy to want to just check your emails or do some light exercise, but this is not relaxing, and it is certainly is not going to make you heal up faster. 

Instead, I logged into Netflix on my laptop, bought myself some chicken laksa from Uber Eats, and enjoyed a rom-com (I was watching 'How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days'...). Sometimes, this is exactly what you need to rest: a dedicated hour and a half to just lay down and indulge in someone else's problems!

I ended up watching not one, but two movies that day, which was a crazy feat for me. But honestly, putting on some fun entertainment like a light-hearted Netflix film made me feel much better about being sick and also helped me pass the time quicker while I was feeling unwell.

Now that I'm getting better, I'm considering taking more time out of my week to watch a movie. It is a great way to relax! So from now on, you won't be hearing me exclaim that I don't watch movies. 

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