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Solo date to the movies

A cinema.

Nothing like a warm day spent at the cinema.

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Art and the artist.. and the audience

A magical book, with potions, a key, and an owl's feather

The question of separating art from a controversial artist is not new. Unfortunately, for us audience, this can leave some of us feeling a little guilty — especially if we still find ourselves enjoying their creations.

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One answer ChatGPT can’t give

Pen and Paper Journal laying on wooden floorboards

As we watch ChatGPT and other AI disrupt the world around us in real-time, we need to remember that one area can’t be answered by technology alone — how to live effectively as ourselves.

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Man, I feel like a woman!

Three women laughing in a sunflower field.

You’re right Shania, the best thing about being a woman is the prerogative to have a little fun!

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Dolphin looking like it is smiling underwater with deep blue sea behind it

What is our Focus? It sounds like it’s about planning our future, but it’s actually one of the greatest tools for helping our present.

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Saying goodbye is hard

Men hugging

I’ll be leaving for Adelaide in a few days and that heavy feeling in the pit of my chest is beginning to form, tugging at my heart strings. It’s only a matter of time until the waterworks takeover. Funny thing is this isn’t going to be my first time saying goodbye. I’ve done it heaps but it’s still so hard every time I have to. 

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Eating my way through Malaysia

A glorious seafood feast I had in Kuala Selangor.

I always tell myself that if I don’t gain a kg or two after my summer break in Malaysia, then I probably landed in the wrong country. 

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