In defence of the capacious bag

A person holding a large bag.

Not all gargantuan bags are ludicrous, especially to us laymen.

What a person chooses to carry in their bag is never unintentional or random. Every little thing that gets swallowed into the hollow belly of a bag undergoes a meticulous process of decision-making. One might only wish to carry two items, another might have to pack their day with them and so, enter the giant bags.

Large totes or shoppers weren’t just an IKEA thing. Every high-end to low-end brand will have their own version of the large tote in almost every collection. It is a closet staple, one that will never go out of style. Why? Well, because of its classic silhouette, as well as its functionality. 

While these colossal bags might not impress the silk-stocking Roys so much, as someone who does not have multiple assistants carrying her stuff for her, I will always be indebted to these huge bags. 

My uni bag is a sizeable one. I think it might be about the same size as the bag they were making fun of in Succession but I will stand by this bag for as long as the bottom remains intact. It has been serving me (and my education) very well for the past year. It fits a whole lot of stuff from my 13” laptop and lecture slides to my emergency kit, phone, and wallet. I’ve even shoved a tub of ice-cream and a change of clothes in there.

However, my appreciation for large bags is a recent one. I used to loathe it because of how silly it looked on my pre-pubescent body. I never understood why my mother and sisters had to bring these huge bags with them on our car rides to breakfast – all it ever did was take up space and poke my sides. 

But as I grow older and as the bags look a lot less weird on my adult body, I get why they’re a favourite to many. 

Large bags are convenient. You need to open the door but your hands are full? Just chuck whatever’s in your hands into the bag. Went on a last-minute Chemist Warehouse run but don’t feel like paying the extra 20 cents for a plastic bag? Just chuck them into the bag. These large bags have made my life significantly more convenient thanks to its black hole-esque space.

Large bags are a lifesaver not just for me, but for you too. I can’t count the number of times my mother has managed to pull out everything we’ve needed from her bag: a hand sanitiser, a lip balm, a reusable bag, a power bank, a bottle of water, snacks, you name it, and her bag will barf it out for you. It may seem silly to you that a person would choose to bring such a large bag for a quick trip to the shops or lunch at a café, but you’ll never know when you need something. It reassures me to know that I’ll always have my essentials with me and that I can provide to those who might need it too.

So, jest all you want about the large bags. I think they’re a national treasure and a staple!

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