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When progress isn’t linear

A graph.

Heart breaking, truly but maybe it’s for the better.

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This feels familiar...

A close up of a line of dates, in white and yellow.

The cycle of the uni year is starting to feel like Groundhog Day (and I'm Bill Murray). 

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The therapy stigma

A man lies on a therapist chair. The therapist sits facing him.

I've been putting off talking to someone due to negative stigma.

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Friday night out in Adelaide 

Rainy city at night.

Adelaide is very sleepy, but she comes to life on Fridays.

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Finding the moments of calm

A lily pad and a flower on a river.

When life is chaotic and overstimulating, it is important to find those moments of calm in your day.

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Message anxiety

A close up of the iPhone home screen showing applications.

Sometimes messaging back can be anxiety-inducing.

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The third place

A bookstore.

Where do you go to immerse yourself in the human condition?

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Look out!

a mug, box of tissues and glasses on a desk.

Illness is ubiquitous right now; let's try and avoid it.

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When your hobbies become a chore

stack of 5 notebooks in 2 piles with page divider ribbons hanging down

Reading so much for class often prevents me from doing so in my free time.

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Fred again.. refreshed my morning

Man playing piano

"When Fred again.. first proposed a Tiny Desk concert, it wasn’t immediately clear how he was going to make it work — not because he lacked creativity, but because translating purely electronic music at the Desk is a daunting task for anyone."

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