Look out!

a mug, box of tissues and glasses on a desk.

Illness is ubiquitous right now; let's try and avoid it.

It seems as if everyone around me is getting sick, and it can be quite anxiety-inducing trying to avoid it. I am an avid hand washer, a notorious sanitiser, and that person who will stay away from anyone who sounds even a tiny bit sniffly, but sometimes it feels unavoidable. And when there are parties to go to and assignments to be done, it is stressful to make sure you aren't getting sick. 

How am I doing my best at avoiding it?

Firstly, be sure to get your flu shot! They are available at most chemists and are usually $20-25. You can also book online to save the stress of having to make a phone call. Some employers will also reimburse you or organise a day for you to get them for free. 

Secondly, don't be afraid to avoid your friends and family if they are unwell! I'm immunocompromised, so perhaps that is why I am used to this, but it doesn't have to be rude or embarrassing. I'm of the firm belief that if you're feeling sick, you shouldn't be hanging around with other people, but of course there are many cases where this is unavoidable. But if someone is sick, just politely let them know that you'll see them when they're better! It can also be framed nicer if you just say "I'm sure you'd rather hang out once you're up to it!".

Finally, the best practice is to look after yourself. Fortunately, during the pandemic we have improved at this, but it is easy to slack off if it slips your mind some days. Be sure to wash your hands when you can and bring around a little bottle of sanitiser. Monitor yourself too; if you're starting to feel a little unwell, perhaps take a break from the strenuous exercise or a difficult work task.

So look out! Hope everyone can stay safe, healthy and well during this flu season. 

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