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Extra cash from de-cluttering (and extra clarity too)

In the bustling world of an HDR student balancing research, writing, social events, and casual jobs, it's easy to find ourselves drowning in a sea of chaos.

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Reunions and reconnecting

I’ve just had reunions with friends I’ve made from university and it was incredible.

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Don't take your work home with you!

Sitting at a desk

We’ve all heard that saying of avoid taking your work home with you.

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Serial concert-goer

Crowd at a concert.

If my bank account could speak, it would say, "another concert"?

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Packed lunch

Two open bento boxes, with chicken and vegetables inside.

A packed lunch can be the highlight of your day.

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Tomato timing

A vine of bright red tomatoes.

The Pomodoro Technique has been helping my productivity.

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Quick meal ideas 

Ingredients on a chopping board.

So, you have a long day of classes (or work) ahead of you. You don’t want to go all Wolfgang Puck in the kitchen at 8am because you have to run for the bus soon, but you also don’t want to burn a hole through your wallet for dining out – I feel you. 

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Some things I liked this month

Headphones playing music from a phone.

Do you ever feel like we move on from things too quickly?

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Missing family who lives overseas

Distance can sometimes be a bittersweet reminder of the deep bonds that tie us to our loved ones.

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On being excluded

A group of Lego people figurines.

Often, anxiety can manifest into feeling left out of a group.

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