Reunions and reconnecting

I’ve just had reunions with friends I’ve made from university and it was incredible.

A handful of them I catch up with quite frequently, but the rest I have not seen in person for many years. Why is there such joy in catching up with old friends? And what a special thing to have held these friendships over the years. University life is truly more than just studying, but also the forming of relationships.

It was nostalgic. Remember the inside jokes, shared experiences, and late-night conversations that once defined your friendship? Reconnecting with old friends lets you relive those moments and rekindle the emotions tied to them. Nostalgia has a way of warming the heart and reminding you of who you were when you first connected. It's like opening a time capsule filled with laughter, adventures, and the unique bond you once shared.

Reconnecting with old friends isn't only about remembering what happened before. It's also about finding out how you and your friend have become different over time. Your friend might have changed in ways you didn't expect, and you have changed too. Exploring these changes can be like learning something new and exciting. You'll learn about each other all over again and see how you've both gone through different experiences. It's a chance to understand each other better and enjoy the journey you've been on.

A few of those present at this reunion were international students like me. We talked about our different bucket list experiences in South Australia. Here are some of them:

  • Whale watching along the southern Fleurieu Peninsula
  • Attend a festival or two
    • Fringe Festival
    • Womadelaide
    • Royal Adelaide Show
    • Tasting Australia
  • Visit Monarto Safari Park
  • Hot air ballooning over the Barossa Valley
  • Stay in Kangaroo Island
  • Eat oysters straight from the ocean in Coffin Bay
  • Snorkel with the Giant Cuttlefish
  • Moonlight Cinema
  • Kayak in the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary
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