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Practicing Gratitude

Pink gratitude journal

Gratitude has been shown to significantly impact well-being and mental health. 

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Visitors to Adelaide

beach in Adelaide

My friends’ short stay in Adelaide the other day revealed different aspects of this city.

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How you can help look after the planet

A climate change protest where the main focus is one person holding up a sign reading "There is no Planet B"

The world temperature is increasing, forests are burning, animals are dying, sea levels are rising; and this is what you can do about it.

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Supporting your friends

Friends chatting at the dinner table

When your friend hits a milestone, it's time to celebrate!

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PhD holiday conundrum

Being a PhD student often creates the illusion that holidays are a luxury reserved for others, overshadowed by the ceaseless pursuit of academic goals.

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Flipping your way of view

the road on the rainy day

Rainy weather is not that bad since it gives you hope.    

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My final post!

A person stands with their arms out in front of a sunset.

I have come to the end of my student blogger journey.

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Hacking Christmas casual jobs

Coffee machine pouring milk

A guide to landing a Christmas job based on my experience.

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Getting into the Christmas spirit

A close of a Christmas tree filled with different ornaments

It is officially holiday season! So, here is a list of activities you can do to get into the Christmas spirit.

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Things I learnt from writing a thesis

A close up of academic books on a shelf.

Writing a thesis is a gruelling, intensive task. But I have learnt so much from it.

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