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A trip to Swan Valley

A barn.

There’s something so rewarding about driving through a small country town after spending 30 minutes on the highway.

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Combatting demotivation

Young man in a green jumper on a leather couch using a remote controller

How do you shake that horridly sluggish feeling of not wanting to do what you set out to do?

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Adventure is out there

A set of keys in the lock of an open door

I spend my last day in Adelaide in the student hub of the university with my favourite soy matcha latte, wondering what's next for me.

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New semester, new problems

A group of empty chairs in a classroom, facing a screen and a lecture.

When I first started at uni, the start of a new semester was exciting. But now, I find myself associating it with stress.

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Making friends as an international student

Friends written with Scribble blocks

With another round of the semester coming up, it’s that time of the year again to summon our best social-selves and get acquainted with our new classmates.

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Brunch club

blogpic - pixabay - french toast

I don’t know about you, but I have this tendency of going into a kind of hibernation during winter. It’s not a hibernation where I spend the winter sleeping (I wish) but instead a kind of unconscious retreating. In the past I’ve noticed that this period is spent doing more deep thinking and reflective work. Maybe it’s the longer nights and the chilly weather which controls this. 

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Reflections of time gone by

Young woman in a white tank top carrying packing boxes

Getting the news that I'll be moving back home made me scream with delight, but it also has made me reflect on how much moving away from home has actually done for me.

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What’s in a name?

A shelf full of mugs personalised with names

A new semester means a new set of names that we’re going to have to familiarise ourselves with.

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Maybe I do like movies?

A person is browsing Netflix on their television.

I'm not the biggest movie buff, but sometimes curling up to watch a film is exactly what you need.

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Writer’s block

blogpic-pixabay-blank journal- pen

Sometimes what helps me get over writer’s block is writing in a different place.

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