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Work desk essentials

Photo of a hand with a pen, writing on a pad on a desk

Shared working spaces seem to be more common on campus. It makes sense though.

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What are you reading?

A pile of books

This year, I made a promise to myself that I’ll read at least 5 books – yes, excluding textbooks.

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Things that made me happy

A pile of smiley stress balls

In true second semester fashion, academia has begun to wear me out even though were only in only week 3.

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Prepping for spring


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Are you okay?

Two people talking to each other.

How do you respond when the answer is “no”?

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On failure

blogpic, pixabay, graduates, sunrise

Following my post in May on graduation and commencement speakers, did you all hear that Taylor Swift has received an honorary doctorate from New York University?

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Speaking up in class

A university lecture room filled with students.

Sometimes, speaking up in your uni tutorial is stressful. 

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Of flights and fun facts

A crow perched on a rock.

If you’re in your first year, chances are you’re going to have to go around the room and introduce yourself.

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Help, I’m procrastinating

blogpic, pixabay, stones, jar, flowers

Winter is here and for some reason, it’s so tempting to retreat into hibernation season.

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Reasons to love winter

Bird's eye view of coffee in a girl's hands

As much as I tell myself how I absolutely detest the cold and will always prefer a scorching summer's day, there's a handful of perks that come with the rainy season that I like to remind myself of when the wet weather gets me down.

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