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Taking care of yourself this exam season

A group huddled together in a field watching the sunset.

With June a.k.a. finals season right around the corner, exam preparations and final assignment deadlines begin to consume our every being. 

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My mish-mash missions

Rows of a variety of watercolour paint dishes

Ever thought that maybe it's not your dream job you should be pursuing, but something else instead?

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Watching more theatre

A red stage curtain.

As an aspiring thespian, I have a huge affinity for the theatre. 

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Winter comfort food

blogpic clear chicken soup

Here’s one of my go-to recipes for an inexpensive, but hearty soup (serves four people in five easy steps) – chicken in clear ginger broth.

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Recovering from illness

A stethoscope against medical equipment

Of course there is never a good time to get sick, but it always feels as if it's when you're the busiest. 

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Closing the age gap

Senior women wearing purple glasses with orange and purple earrings

More and more, I'm witnessing daily tidbits that show less of a divide between the younger and older generations, and it's been warming my heart greatly.

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I’ve been journalling for years. If I recall correctly, I’ve been journalling since I was in high school.

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Review: 4 brilliant TED talks

A speaker microphone illuminated by yellow light.

Here is my collation of the 4 best TED talks for self development or even if you’re a little curious about the mechanisms of the world.

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Movies to wind down with

A tray of popcorns.

Those lecture slides are starting to look boring, huh? Here are some movies you should watch to curb the dullness.

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Comfortable in video calls

A person sits at their laptop screen, which shows four people video calling.

In these current times, ensuring people feel comfortable over online video calling platforms is very important.

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