How I made time to breathe

Life on campus can get hectic, with classes, assignments, and social shindigs. But guess what? We've got a secret weapon to keep us cool amidst the chaos—mindful breathing. Here I talk about how some of us students are making time to breathe.

1. Start with baby steps

Listen up, you don't need to be a zen master to dive into mindfulness. Even a quick breather can work wonders. Start with short sessions, and when you feel comfy, stretch 'em out.

2. Make it a habit

Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to mindfulness. Pick a time each day, like right when you wake up, between classes, or before you hit the sack. Having a routine makes it easy-peasy. For me, I need a reminder, so I schedule it in my calendar.

3. Class break bliss

Those breaks between classes? They're golden opportunities for mindful breathing. It can take as short as five minutes so find a quiet corner, get comfy, and focus on your breath for a few minutes.

4. Multi-task mindfully

Who says you can't multitask with mindfulness? Practice while strolling to class, waiting for your coffee, or doing chores. Bring your focus to the here and now.

5. Phone your friends (reminders, that is)

Let tech lend a hand! Set reminders on your phone or use those handy mindfulness apps. They'll nudge you to pause and chill, even when life's got you on the run.

6. Study smarter, not harder

Mindful breathing can supercharge your study sessions. Before hitting the books, take a minute to center yourself. It'll sharpen your focus and help you conquer those textbooks.

7. Self-care: because you're worth it

Yep, self-care is a must. Just like studying and partying, it's a legit part of uni life. So, make room for mindful breathing. Your mental and emotional health deserve the love.

8. Be your own BFF

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Mindfulness is a skill that grows over time. If your mind drifts during practice, no biggie. It's all about gently guiding your focus back to your breath without being too hard on yourself. The uni has some very useful videos and other resources here.

In the middle of uni's craziness, mindful breathing can be your trusty sidekick. By weaving these tips into your daily routine, you'll find that making time for mindfulness becomes as natural as grabbing coffee between classes. So, take a breather, release the stress, and set off on your journey toward a more mindful and balanced study life. You've got this!

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