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Review: Stephen King's On Writing

A pile of old books with a teacup perched on top.

I have never really been into non-fictional books but after trying out Stephen King's On Writing, I think I would like to give it a go.

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Preparing for next semester

Coloured highlights and sticky notes next to an open notebook on a table

It's never too early to start prepping for what's next!

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Longing for home

A house.

Feeling homesick always gets me on long uni breaks.

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Lightyear & nostalgia

A Buzz Lightyear figurine dressed in green and purple, in front of a lit up background.

I went to watch Disney Pixar's Lightyear at the cinema last weekend for some Toy Story nostalgia, and I absolutely loved it.

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A wellbeing sign-off


This will be my final blog post as a student blogger, and I would like to reflect on some wellbeing thoughts and my time with student wellbeing.

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Finger cut

blogpic - pixabay -broken blue heart of sand - light within

Content warning: some descriptions involving blood from a finger cut.

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Gym guilt

Man standing in front of a weights mirror at the gym

Whenever I hear people talking about what they're doing at the gym or how often they're going, I will always feel guilty for not pushing my body harder.

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Exploring Adelaide city on my own

Person walking through bustling city streets.

Exploring cities by yourself can be lonely but this week I have been finding comfort in the solitude.

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Dealing with changes

A person is moving boxes and a washing machine on an apartment balcony

This year has brought with it a series of changes for me: new job, moving house, and reaching the end of my studies.

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Falling back in love with reading

A person picking out a book from the shelf.

Books and I go way back. 

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