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What are you reading?

A pile of books

This year, I made a promise to myself that I’ll read at least 5 books – yes, excluding textbooks.

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Magic of a bookstore

Image of a stack of books, with more piles on a shelf behind them

I haven't been to a bookstore all year due to the pandemic and I forgot how much happiness it brings me.

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Climate action and changing seasons

book pages in shape of a heart

School students are back in classrooms and city traffic is slowly starting to get busier. Where has summer gone?

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Falling in love with fictional characters?

Whether in books or films or TV shows, there’s always that one or two characters that we just become completely obsessed with.

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Review: Normal People

Trinity College Dublin

I had the urge to reread "Normal People" by Sally Rooney again. 

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Indulgences: YA novels

Heart made from book pages

YA novels always get a bit of a bad rap but I am here to celebrate all the weird and wonderful thing about them because I think that they deserve your attention (Author: Yasmine).

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Recommendation: Max Joseph

bookstore inside an old theatre

In 'How to read more in the golden age of content', Max Joseph words "Bookstores are basically like art galleries with stories attached" really spoke to me.

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Book reflection

the ocean

"A thousand mornings" by Mary Oliver

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Book reflection: "Self-reliance"

open book

I feel the weariness of friends in lockdown interstate. Here we are, quickly approaching the end of 2021 and we’ve yet to open up our borders. I wish there was more I could do to help. Spring has sprung and although I have so much to look forward to – longer daylight hours and blossoming flowers, summer fruit and raw vegetables, picnics and salty hair – the first feeling is that of déjà vu. Has a year not passed, why do things still feel the same? Is it because nothing has changed much in the world? Is it because I’ve not finished my thesis yet? Is it because of travel restrictions and a feeling of being physically stuck? And why is it uncomfortable? But also, does it have to be uncomfortable?

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