Magic of a bookstore

Image of a stack of books, with more piles on a shelf behind them

I haven't been to a bookstore all year due to the pandemic and I forgot how much happiness it brings me.

This week, I went to the highly anticipated new Dymocks store, in the Regent Arcade in Rundle Mall. 

Dymocks Adelaide is pleasing to the eye, adorned with wooden arches and a classical colour palette. The new store is perfectly located in a beautiful and expansive room. This makes it optimal for photographs, though in my opinion there were too many Instagrammers taking photos for their stories rather than looking at the book selection!

I went to Dymocks with my friend, and we extensively perused the beautiful shelves. Truly a book lovers haven! I was pleasantly surprised by the large amount of non-fiction books, including on photography, art, and fashion. The fiction section was just as glorious, though I tried to avoid it because I know that I can't be tamed when it comes to purchasing novels. Somehow I restrained myself and managed to leave without buying a book (I was unfortunate to have left my vouchers at home). Though I eyed off quite a few, and added them to my Goodreads account to come back to later.

Since the store opened this week, I was quite overwhelmed with the amount of people so chose to not stay for long. But even so, I am looking forward to properly checking it out when it is less chaotic. Next time that I'm free after class and want a little pick-me-up, I know where I'm heading.

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