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Weekends off

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As an HDR student, sometimes it’s hard to put boundaries around your time. Typically, you won’t have to attend any regular classes or seminars and for the most part, you are in control of how you spend your time during the day. Most times you can work from anywhere, or if your research is tied to a laboratory, usually you would have access 24/7. It’s not unusual to let research work and writing spill over to the weekend. This leads us to a high risk of burning out.

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Phantom study

A person begins to write in a blank notebook on a table with their iPad and headphones.

I'm so used to studying that I feel as if the threat is still looming over me.

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Permission to rest

A fox curled atop a log sleeping.

I’ve been trying to catch a break but no matter how long I spend lying in bed, I still feel exhausted.

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Six types of rest

Quiet and solitary breakfast

I’ve just had an incredibly marvellous weekend! One that I’ve been looking forward to for ages and at the same time, I feel completely drained. A friend I spent most of the weekend with, felt the same way. She was exhausted enough to suggest we should cancel lunch and take a bit of time to recharge and maybe take a nap. We were all together several times throughout the weekend anyway. She works interstate and is only here in Adelaide for a visit during her birthday. 

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Tuesday: nothing a massage can't fix

Spa day

How lucky am I to have a sister who’s gifted me with a spa day! I’ve been saving the voucher for one of those days when I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot, but also in serious need of a good recharge to fuel me for even more work. This seemed like a good day for it.

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