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What is TalkCampus? It’s a free 24/7 online peer network, supporting mental health and wellbeing.

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Small ways to support friends

Group of people doing a joined high-five

Taking care of ourselves should be among our top priorities, and checking in on our friends can also be pretty important. But sometimes it's hard to know if anything we've done was helpful to them in any way at all.

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8 Aboriginal-Australian businesses you can support!

The Black Lives Matter Movement shouldn’t end after one big protest around the world, it should be an ongoing movement until there is some significant, HUGE change for people of colour all around the world! If you are someone who is unsure how exactly to help or be a supportive ally, supporting Aboriginal-Australian-owned businesses is a great way to start! Here is a list of 8 Aboriginal-Australian-owned businesses and fashion designers that you can support today! 

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