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What is TalkCampus? It’s a free 24/7 online peer network, supporting mental health and wellbeing.

TalkCampus is an online community you can access by downloading the app onto your phone. It allows you to share support and struggles anonymously online.

The app has topics of interest you can filter through and decide which you want to actively participate in. It helps you to find peers who are going through similar challenges and problems more easily. The layout is not very complex, and it is quite simple to navigate through the entire app.

TalkCampus makes it possible to reach out immediately to other students, it’s helpful for acute struggles such as exam stress. You can post a message at 2 in the morning and be confident that there’ll be someone who can respond. I thought I'd give it a go.

To be honest, it's really such a helpful resource! The app is easy to download, it has simple interface, it's anonymous and instant. One of the first things I did was to do a search with the keyword Ph.D. and immediately I saw all of these posts from Ph.D. students. There was a whole bunch needing support, but there were also posts and threads just providing motivation to each other. In no time at all, I felt much reassurance that I am not alone in the feelings I've been having. So many Ph.D. candidates out there struggle with the imposter syndrome. There are countless other students who felt very similar to me. That in itself gave me such comfort. The app allows you to give that emotional support back too. Communicating with others enables you to find out about other resources, tips, and strategies that are helpful in your own personal journey through your degree.

Remember, you’re not alone.

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