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Shopping sustainably

Pants on a rack

It's time I get off the microtrend bandwagon.

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Managing waste & my plastic problems

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My bin has been looking so full of single use soft plastic and other rubbish. It’s got me thinking, how can I use less plastic and waste less?

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Sustainable living: best eats in Adelaide

Local, sustainable and eco-friendly – these are key words that I look for when deciding where to eat. I recently had the pleasure of planning an on-campus event which highlighted Adelaide’s best sustainable eats!

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Sustainable fashion

I love op-shopping. It is a great way to find clothing and other items sustainably and support community charities. However, sometimes there are just some things you need to buy. Here are a few great brands to check out.

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The best vego food in Adelaide

Garden flowers

If you are searching for a sustainable, healthy, and delicious café than look no further than the Foodprint Experience Café at the Joinery.

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Recipe: cacao almond bliss balls

As part of an effort to eat and live more sustainably, I’ve started making bliss balls; a mix of dates, nuts, and other good things. Here's an easy recipe to follow at home.

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