Sustainable fashion

I love buying things, just like everyone else. However, I can’t escape the guilt and indulgence I feel when I buy something that I may not need. Let alone something that was probably produced by exploiting workers with minimal wages and without the environment in mind. However, there are some great solutions and products starting to hit the market when you shop around.

For the environment and social justice

The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters for greenhouse gas emissions and environmental destruction in the world. For just one tonne of dyed fabric the industry will use over 200 tonnes of water (source). However, let’s have a look at what we can do about it.

Etiko are one of the only fair-trade footwear and fashion companies in Australia. Their business is awesome! The brand uses fair trade labour and organic cotton and commits to social equity and environmental sustainability goals and accreditation. Their statement, “In a world where many businesses make claims about the sustainability and ethical credentials of their products and business, Etiko stands out from its peers. Our claims are grounded in global best practice and independently verified’’. Although, it is great that their brand exists is also shameful that these kinds of products are not more widespread. This brand needs and deserves all of our support!

Bundarra provides a platform for Indigenous art and culture. The brand gives back to communities and provides support and opportunities having directed 1.5 million to Indigenous employment, training, art and community funds. I think their brand statement is honest and impactful and perfectly encapsulates the work they do, ‘’It is Bundarra’s vision for all Australians to gain an appreciation and understanding of Indigenous arts and culture. Through sharing First Nations art and stories we provide a positive way for everyone to connect with Indigenous culture’’. Regardless of if you value the work they do, you can’t argue that their products are awesome, you are literally wearing art! I think the art and designs of their products are a must if you love colour, vibrancy and beautiful artwork.

There are so many other great up and coming environmentally and socially conscious fashion companies. I am even seeing some big moves from major fashion companies such as Adidas and converse. Whilst their actions might not be huge commitments or maybe even tokenistic at best, it is still highlighting a positive change. A positive change in both consumers and these large companies. So next time you need to buy something, have a go at shopping around first.

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