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Self confidence

It’s really important to be confident in yourself. I think I have enough resolve to give the impression that I am, but I don’t always feel confident in myself.

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From bad to worse

This has been a bad year for lots of us. It just feels like there’s this malaise in the air, that is affecting everyone and everything. I know a couple of other people have noticed this separately from me. It’s strange because the Corona virus didn’t even seem to hit Adelaide as hard as lots of other places.

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Is the Ph.D. worth it

I feel like I am running out of time with my Ph.D. The struggle is indeed very real, but to be honest, it’s already worth it. 

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Eating out too much

 It is the hectic last-minute assignments and exam season. All the commitments and work seem to affect my diet and my cooking routines.

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Sustainable fashion

I love op-shopping. It is a great way to find clothing and other items sustainably and support community charities. However, sometimes there are just some things you need to buy. Here are a few great brands to check out.

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My piece of paper

After five years, I finally got my parchment for my law degree, my piece of paper. It seems like such a simple thing now that I have it. After all this time, I’ve finally made it to the end. I’m certainly not where I expected to be. 

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I’m so very proud of my friend, and although we’ll all be missing her, she’s about to embark on a big adventure in her career and moving away for work. She’s taking on a role within a not-for-profit organisation and on her last day in Adelaide, we caught up for a picnic with friends. It felt quite bittersweet because of course we’ll miss her, but I am so very excited for her at the same time! There is still a longing in me for an adventure and although I am in the middle of one of the greatest adventures of my life - being a mum to my fiery little one - I'm hoping that there'll be a couple more adventures to be experienced.

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