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Of the 'great resignation'

I only recently heard about the 'Great Resignation' on the news and it also got me thinking about completing the Adelaide Graduate Award programme.

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How I bring joy to the office – Part 1

Office cubicles

Volunteering in an office environment, sometimes things can get a bit dull so I like to look back on the office environment through the lens of the British TV series.

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Tips for de-cluttering your workspace

Here are my tips to clear your desk in order to clear your mind and create a productive space that I’m almost certain leads to a more productive life.

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Great workspaces of Adelaide continued!

I have long been looking for many and various places to study or work, from cafes to public libraries.

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Our amazing public libraries

Recently, I became aware of the amazing services that our state and local governments provide to all citizens in the form of our public libraries.

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