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Study Abroad Summer and Winter Opportunities

It is possible to complete International Summer and Winter Schools offered by non-exchange partners, or exchange partners where the program is not subject to the exchange agreement. In this case, you would be responsible for completing the application process and paying any program or tuition fees charged by the host institution. You need to both apply directly to the host institution and register your experience in SMART. You will need to seek approval from your Faculty for credit towards your degree. Submitting an application for a study abroad program does not guarantee credit and credit should be clarified with your Faculty before you finalise anything with the overseas institution or provider. Participants in these programs will not be enrolled at the University of Adelaide when completing these study abroad opportunities (which may affect payments from Centrelink).

Study Overseas recommends you do not pay any deposits to an International Summer or Winter School provider until you have registered in SMART and have received approval from your faculty to participate in the program, evidenced in the SMART questionnaire “Faculty Approval (Course Approval)”. This faculty approval also contributes towards eligibility for an OS-HELP loan and other relevant funding and support services.


Study Abroad Semester Programs

Though an overseas semester program through a formal exchange has considerable benefits, there are some instances where you may be better served pursuing an overseas semester independently as a Self-Reporting Study Abroad Program. For instance, this may be because you wish to study at a specific university that we do not have an exchange agreement with.

Self-Reporting Study Abroad semester students will be covered under the University of Adelaide’s travel insurance policy and are able to access funding opportunities, but must apply directly to the host institution and are liable for all tuition fees.

To register a Self-Reporting Study Abroad Program, click here.


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Register your program

If you have independently arranged your overseas study program, register your plans with us and access credit approval, travel insurance, and support services.

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