Register Your Program

If you are travelling overseas to participate in one of the experiences listed below, the Study Overseas office requires you to register your activity on the online application system, SMART.

By registering in SMART with Study Overseas you become part of an integrated support framework that provides students with information and instructions regarding travel insurance, faculty approvals, funding options such as scholarships and OS-HELP loans, and increases your safety overseas by notifying the University of Adelaide know of your plans and movements.

Below you will find a list of the experiences that you will need to register with Study Overseas.

Please note that you are not required to use this registration if you are participating in a semester or short-term exchange program and, unless instructed otherwise, you should not register a University of Adelaide Study Tour or managed New Colombo Plan program which is listed here.


Study abroad

Short term overseas programs which may count towards your academic program for credit, academic programs offered through non-partner universities and third party providers, including summer and winter schools and semester/year programs. Internships and placements have their own registration listed below.

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Internships and Animal/Veterinary Placements

Participating in an internship or animal/veterinary placement that contributes toward the requirements of your program.

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Clinical Placements (FHMS only)

Participating in a recognised overseas clinical placement as a component of your academic program.

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Overseas research

Conducting part of a Higher Degree by Research overseas.

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Non-credit programs

Completing an overseas program (including volunteering) which is not part of an academic program and is not for credit, however it has been endorsed by the Head of School.

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