Travel Insurance

All students travelling on a program that is either for credit or recognition towards their degree, or otherwise endorsed by their Head of School, are covered by the University of Adelaide's corporate travel insurance policy.

In addition, student travelling overseas must register their travel place with the University's risk management provider.

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Travel insurance

Travel insurance is provided for enrolled University of Adelaide students while taking approved University travel.

The maximum duration of cover for a trip is 180 days for undergraduate students and 364 days for postgraduate students.

All international travel must be registered with Study Overseas via SMART (Student Mobility Applicant Registration Tool) for travel insurance. To learn more about SMART, visit Applicant Support.

High-risk travel

Travel to a destination where a 'reconsider your need to travel' or 'do not travel' alert is in place on Smartraveller requires approval. Please refer to the student travel risk policy for details.

Students travelling to high-risk destinations will need to complete a high-risk travel approval form that will need to be uploaded into SMART.

Incidental private travel

Incidental private travel is included where: 

  • It is less than 28 days.
    • This may occur before or after University travel, or a combination of before and after.
    • It is recommended that you pre-purchase top-up cover if your private travel exceeds 28 days.
    • Weekends, local public holidays, and semester breaks during your approved University travel are included in addition to the above.
    • The University does not have anything to do with quoting, cost or invoicing. Please contact the University’s insurance broker, Aon at with any top-up cover questions.
  • High risk travel has been approved by the University.

Scope of travel insurance cover

The University's travel policy can cover a journey originating from Australia. See the policy documents for complete details.

Key coverage includes

  • Cover for medical treatment while overseas, including emergency assistance and repatriation.
  • Cover for non-refundable trip cancellation costs or incurred additional travel expenses (curtailment).
  • Cover for lost or stolen luggage.
  • Cover for rental vehicle excess.

General exclusions

The general exclusions below set out what is not covered. You should also read each section as they contain specific exclusions that also apply.

  • Cover for medical expenses, such as
    • Ongoing treatment for known medical conditions.
    • Where a person is travelling either against medical advice, with a terminal condition which was diagnosed before travel, or when unfit to do so.
  • Cover for cancellations and loss of deposits
    • Due to financial default or collapse of your travel provider (including airline, accommodation, car hire, etc.).
    • For costs associated with returning early if you have not already purchased a return ticket.
  • Cover for your personal belongings, travel documents, money or credit cards, if you have left them unsupervised or have not taken reasonable precautions to secure them.
  • Any criminal or international illegal act by you.
  • Intentional self-inflicted injury or suicide.
  • Change of mind or loss of enjoyment.
  • Restrictions may apply if you are travelling to a high-risk country or region.

24/7 overseas emergency assistance

Please call emergency services immediately if your condition is life-threatening.

While travelling we recommend you carry the policy number and emergency contact details:

The University of Adelaide's Policy Number: 2300110171
For emergency travel assistance call: +60 3 2772 5641

For further information, see Travel Guard.

Lodge a claim

Please see the Claims on the Insurance Office website for the claim form and further guidance.

NB: The insurance cover is provided under a group policy taken out between the University of Adelaide and the Insurer and under which students are entitled to cover as a beneficiary when they meet the eligibility criteria set out in the group policy wording. When a student makes a claim for cover, we, the group policy holder, must check that you have met eligibility requirements.

Waiver support

The jurisdiction (or a region within a country) or host institution may require you to obtain another liability or health insurance policy or the duration of your approved University travel period. In some instances, it may be possible to submit an insurance waiver with an embassy to receive a travel visa or host institution to receive an acceptance document. Students who are successful in requesting a waiver will not have to pay another premium for a separate insurance policy.

Review the Product Disclosure Statement/Policy Wording to ascertain whether this is the appropriate level of cover for your personal circumstances. Students may request a travel confirmation letter from the University of Adelaide to support a waiver application.

Further enquiries

Insurance Office
Phone: +61 8 8313 4539