Travel Insurance FAQs


The University has relaxed its travel ban. For details refer to the University Travel hub.

Insurance is available for University approved business travel. Details about the cover is available on the Travel Insurance webpage.

Some exclusions apply to COVID-19 related travel claims:

  • Cancellations and loss of deposits are not covered
  • Quarantine costs are not covered
  • Overseas medical claims relating to COVID-19 may not be covered

While cover for overseas medical expenses and evacuation is available, there is uncertainty if COVID-19 is contracted. The insurer has declared that "any traveller knowingly entering a COVID hotspot" may be denied medical benefits for COVID related claims, and that any such claims will be assessed on a case by case basis.

The concern for University travel is the lack of certainty around what would be deemed a hotspotwho knew it was a hotspot and when they knew. This lack of clarity is an ongoing concern with the resumption of travel. This means the University cannot guarantee that insurance will be available in the event of a COVID-19 related medical claim.

Travel therefore requires careful assessment of the risks involved, with consideration about country specific advice and COVID policy, potential quarantine requirements, access to healthcare at the destination, ease of evacuation if required and financial impact of cancellations or quarantine costs.

For insurance related queries, please contact the Legal & Risk Branch.

General information

  • I am a staff member working overseas for more than 12 months. Will I be covered by the University’s Travel Insurance Policy?

    Special insurance cover under an 'expatriate' insurance policy needs to be arranged prior to departure for staff travelling, studying and working overseas for more than 12 months at a time. The Legal and Risk Branch can assist in arranging this on an individual basis. Cover can also be arranged for couples and a family. The cover must be renewed annually, and the additional premium is an oncost to be borne by the staff member’s Faculty, School or the staff member themselves. Staff responsible for negotiating the terms and conditions of employment, and the individual staff members involved, should consider these insurance arrangements at the time of negotiating the terms and conditions of employment.

    For more information, please refer to the Travel Insurance Webpage.

  • I am a PhD student undertaking a 12 month study term in France. Do I have travel insurance or do I need to buy my own?

    As a PhD Student, you are provided up to 365 days of cover providing that:

    • Your travel has been approved by Head of School
    • Any personal holiday time during this period does not exceed 28 days

    If you intend to be away for more than 365 days or the private travel component of your travel exceeds 28 days, you must purchase Top-Up Travel cover at additional personal cost and prior to departure from Australia to be fully covered by the University's corporate travel policy. For more information, please read Travel Insurance: Extending Cover.

    For more information about travel insurance for postgraduate students, please read Travel Insurance: Postgraduate Students.

  • I will be travelling overseas for a semester as part of the Study Overseas program. What travel insurance do I need and what does the University provide me?

    Travel insurance is provided to University of Adelaide students whose travel has been approved for credit or recognised as fulfilling part of their degree, or has otherwise been approved by their Head of School/Branch. Cover is provided to undergraduate students for up to 180 days including incidental private travel, provided that the private travel component does not exceed 50% of the total travel time, and is less than 28 days.

    All students are encouraged to check the requirement for in-country health insurance with the host organisation or embassy of the country they are intending to visit before embarking on their trip. In certain circumstances, the University travel insurance may not satisfy the requirements of the host University or the country the student is travelling to.

    If the host university or embassy will accept the University's travel insurance policy, and you require a letter from the University of Adelaide confirming the terms and conditions of the University's travel cover, please send an email to the Legal & Risk Helpdesk with the following information

    • Your name
    • Your student ID number
    • The name of the host university
    • The dates of your exchange
    • The date that you left Australia
    • The date that you intend to return to Australia
    • If your private travel exceeds 50% of the University exchange, or 28 days in total, confirmation that you have purchased top-up travel insurance from the University's insurer
    • If you purchased other travel insurance for any part of this trip, please provide details 

    For more information please read Travel Insurance: Undergraduate Students.

  • I am an undergraduate student planning to study overseas for a year exchange that has been approved by my School. Am I covered by University travel insurance for the whole time I am away?

    Not automatically. The University travel insurance policy commences from the time your journey starts (usually in Adelaide) and continues for up to 180 days (including 28 days of private travel). You will need to purchase additional travel insurance prior to your departure to ensure you are covered for your entire journey.

    To purchase additional cover, you will need to apply for top-up insurance.

    The University policy may not provide protection or continue cover for you if you have purchased alternative cover for any part of your trip. You should make an enquiry with AJG before committing to an alternative policy before you leave.

    For more information please read Travel Insurance: Undergraduate Students.

  • I am going to a conference in Germany but the cost of my ticket and conference fees have been paid by a research group. Am I still covered under the University travel insurance program?

    If another party paid for your travel arrangements, cover under the University's travel insurance policy still applies providing that:

    • Your travel has been approved by Head of School
    • Your personal holiday time does not exceed 50% of the total travel time up to a limit of 28 days
  • I am a staff member travelling to Italy. I will be working for 6 weeks and my family is joining me for a 3 week holiday in the USA. Am I covered and is my family covered under the University travel insurance?

    Travel insurance is provided to University of Adelaide staff while they are undertaking University approved travel. This includes all persons authorised by the University to travel for and on behalf of the University. The cover automatically extends to include spouses, partners and dependent children travelling with you.

    The University allows for personal time up to 50% of the overall time away to a maximum of 28 days. As your personal time does not exceed 28 days and is within the 50% time frame, you are also covered for the private portion of your travel.

  • Can I arrange travel insurance through an alternative provider for part of my trip?

    It is preferable not to swap insurers half way through your trip.

    Most travel policies cover the entire trip from the time you leave home to the time you return. It is not recommended for one policy to stop and the other to commence on a particular day whilst you are overseas.

    The University policy may not provide cover for you if you have purchased alternative cover for any part of your trip. You should make an enquiry with AJG before committing to an alternative policy before you leave.
  • I have a pre-existing medical condition. Am I still covered by University Travel Insurance?

    Insurance will be available for staff and students who have a pre-existing medical condition, providing the staff member or student has obtained a certificate of fitness to travel from their treating doctor prior to travel. The insurer may ask to see the certificate in the event that a claim is made on the policy.

    The policy excludes claims where the staff or student is travelling against medical advice; travelling with a terminal condition which was diagnosed prior to travel; or travelling when unfit to do so.

    Ongoing treatment for known medical conditions is also excluded under the policy.

  • Where can I travel under the University’s travel insurance policy? Are there any countries or destinations where I won’t be covered?

    **A travel ban is currently in place. Please refer to the COVID-19 FAQs for more information**

    The University’s travel insurance policy operates worldwide, but may be limited or non-existent for travel to the following high risk destinations:

    Please contact the Legal and Risk Branch for advice and assistance prior to making bookings to a high risk destination.

  • I will be hiring a vehicle while overseas on approved University travel. Do I need to purchase excess cover from the vehicle hire company?

    Excesses payable under a comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policy may be claimed under the University's Travel Insurance Policy (up to $5k).

    If the vehicle hire company gives you the option to buy a loss or collision damage waiver (this is common in some overseas countries), the University recommends that you buy a full waiver to cap damage to the vehicle at an agreed price.

    It is common in some overseas countries for vehicle hire companies to offer a cheap hire rate with optional “loss damage” or “collision damage” waivers. Beware that if you don’t purchase the waiver, you may be liable for the full value of any damage to the vehicle.

    A loss or collision damage waiver is an agreement with a car rental company which releases the renter from liability for physical damage to the vehicle in exchange for a fee, subject to the terms of the rental agreement or a state statute if one exists (i.e. the USA).

    The waiver is not insurance. It is a contractual obligation subject to many restrictions (e.g reckless driving, driving under the influence). In some contracts, the renter has a choice to buy a full or partial damage waiver. The rental agreement typically stipulates that purchasing the damage waiver is not mandatory.

  • Does the University’s travel insurance cover me for motorcycling?

    If you require emergency medical assistance as a result of a motorcycling incident, the travel insurance policy provides you with medical cover. However you may need to purchase separate insurance related to motorcycle hire and potential liability for damage to the vehicle, property or people.

  • What motor vehicle insurance does the University provide?

    The University provides motor vehicle insurance for approved University Fleet vehicles. The policy excess (if applicable) is $2,000 per claim and must be paid by the Local Area (School, Faculty or Branch) to the Insurer directly.

    Please refer to the Motor Vehicle Claim Procedure for further information.

    If staff are travelling in their own private vehicle for work purposes, they are responsible to maintain their own motor vehicle insurance under the University’s Motor Vehicle ProceduresThe staff member may be eligible to claim a motor vehicle allowance to compensate for that usage.

  • What insurance do I need to arrange for a rental vehicle or hire car?

    Travellers using hire cars for approved University business are responsible for organising and ensuring that the hire vehicle has adequate motor vehicle insurance. Insurance for the hire vehicle should be arranged under the rental vehicle agreement, and any excess should be paid by the Local Area. The University recommends that staff purchase a lower excess if available as good risk management practice. The University’s preferred rental vehicle companies may offer special rates and lower excesses.

    If travelling in the hire vehicle overseas or outside of 100km from your Local Area - the excess may be claimed under the University's Travel Insurance (up to $5k).