Trusts Governance Framework

In 2022, the Trusts Governance Framework was implemented across the University to improve accountability and compliance with the University’s statutory obligations and donor expectations, and to prioritize the use of trust funds for the highest strategic benefit.

The Framework includes the establishment of:
i) a University Trusts Committee;
ii) a Faculty Trust Committee in each Faculty; 
iii) a Division Trust Committee in Division of Academic and Student Engagement and Division of Research and Innovation; and
iv) requirements that trusts be administered in accordance with approved trust rules, and financial forecasting, budgeting and acquittal processes.

The Framework aims to improve and influence accountability, strategic decision making, and compliance with the University’s statutory obligations and donors’ expectations.  It comprises four initiatives:

i) Establishment of a University Trusts Committee as a Special Committee of the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive for the management of the University’s Major Trusts2 and for the oversight of the management of all other trusts;

ii) Establishment of Faculty Trust Committees and Division Committees for DASE and DRI to oversee each Faculty/Division's proposals to the University Trusts Committee for Major Trusts which fall within that Faculty;

iii) Each trust to be administered in accordance with approved Rules which will have regard to strategic decision-making as regards expenditure, and compliance with the terms of the trust; and

iv) Trusts expenditure to be included in the University’s budgeting and forecasting processes to ensure expenditure is programmed and acquitted, and non-expenditure is tracked by the Faculty.


The University Trust Compliance Centre (UTCC), within the Legal and Risk Branch, support Faculties and Schools under the Framework by:-

  • providing assistance with reporting requirements for committee meetings;
  • providing assistance with the review and endorsement of Rules;
  • establishing new trusts;
  • providing education and awareness sessions;
  • management of annual compliance reporting;
  • working with Schools/Faculties/Divisions to correct non-compliances;
  • maintaining the University's Trusts Register;
  • providing advice on administering and managing trusts and rules;
  • annual reports to the University Trusts Committee.


Trust Committees - Terms of Reference


Templates and Guidelines


Framework Flowcharts



For more information

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Senior Trusts Officer
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