Staff Appointments to Boards

Board Membership: Appointments of staff to controlled and other entities.

The University owns a number of controlled entities, as well as interests in other entities associated with University activities.

Staff members are sometimes appointed to the Boards of these entities.

Appointments to these Boards come with personal duties, and staff members need to ensure they fully understand their duties and responsibilities.

The Legal Services team have developed a short guide to assist staff members appointed to Boards at the request of the University.

What is a Controlled Entity?

A Controlled Entity is an entity (which may include a company or body corporate) which the University controls (that is, it has the power to determine the outcome of decisions about an entity’s financial and operating policies). Controlled Entities are managed under the Controlled Entity Policy.

Managing Appointments to Boards

Appointments of Directors to Controlled Entities are made in accordance with the Controlled Entity Policy. For Appointments other than to Innovation & Commercial Partners Pty Ltd (ICP) or an entity controlled by ICP, appointments will normally be by the Vice-Chancellor, and if a staff member is being proposed, must be with the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor and the Controlled Entity Liaison Representative. There will also normally be external appointees to the Board. Appointments to ICP or ICP controlled entities will be in accordance with the relevant constitutions.

Appointments to the Board of other (non-controlled) entities are made in accordance with the Protocol for Appointments by the University of Adelaide to the Governing Bodies of Entities Affiliated with, or Operating to the Benefit of, the University (Not including Controlled Entities). These appointments will normally be by the Vice-Chancellor, and will normally be a staff member or Council member of the University.