FOI Fees and Charges

Under the FOI Act’s Regulations, fees and charges may apply to your request depending on scope and circumstances.

You can find the University's current schedule of fees and charges here.

For more information about fees and charges under the FOI Act, visit State Records of South Australia’s FOI fees and charges page.

  • What could I get charged for?

    There are generally three kinds of fees and charges that may apply:

    Application Fees

    The fixed application fee must be submitted with your request, unless you are seeking to have the application fee waived.

    Processing Charges

    Processing charges may apply and vary depending on the time and materials used in carrying out the information search for you. The most common processing charges are for:

    • searches.
    • photocopying.
    • written transcripts (e.g. of sound recordings).
    • postage/delivery.

    Internal Review Fees

    The fixed internal review fee must be submitted with your request, unless you are seeking to have the application fee waived (see below).

  • How do I pay the charges?


    To pay by cash, please do not send it in the mail – instead, get in touch with an FOI Officer.

    Cheque or Money Order

    Make your cheque or money order out to ‘University of Adelaide’. You can send it back to us with your completed request form or with a cover note directly to:

    The Freedom of Information Officer
    Legal and Risk Branch

    The University of Adelaide SA 5005

    Credit Card

    To pay by credit card, visit our secure Online Shop and indicate from the drop-down menu whether you would like to pay for an access or internal review application fee.

    Follow the on-screen information to carry out your credit card purchase.

    To find out more about paying your FOI fees and charges by credit card, please contact an FOI Officer.

  • Can fees and charges be waived?

    If you hold a current concession card or student identification card from a secondary or tertiary educational institution, you are entitled to waiving fees and charges related to your FOI application.

    You can ask for charges to be waived or reduced for reasons such as financial hardship. If you do so, you should explain your reason and provide some evidence to satisfy the University.

    You can flag your request with us in two ways: