A contract or agreement is an arrangement between two or more parties which is intended by the parties to be legally binding.

Anyone involved in negotiating and managing contracts or agreements that commit the University, or any part of the University, must comply with the Contracts and Agreements Policy. Detailed guidance on how to negotiate and manage contracts or agreements is contained in the Contract Management Handbook.

How we can help

The Legal team can assist with contract planning, drafting, review and negotiation, including:

  • funding agreements
  • staff and student exchanges
  • memorandum of understanding
  • procurement
  • software licenses
  • leases and licenses
  • consultancy services agreements.

The Legal Services Branch also offer training sessions.

Do you need a contract drafted or reviewed?

The following options are available if you are unable to find a suitable standard form contract for your needs:

Do you need assistance with a deed?

If you manage contracts at the University, you may come across deeds such as deeds of confidentiality, deeds of assignment, deeds of novation, deeds of variation, and deeds of gift. There are formal requirements for signing deeds. As a body corporate, the University is required to sign deeds either under seal or by power of attorney. For more information about deeds, please visit the Deeds webpage.

Does your contract need to be referred to a specialist area?

As stated in the Contracts and Agreements Policy, certain types of contracts must be referred to specialist areas within the University that have the expertise, specific processes and/or authority to negotiate and enter into those contracts.

Refer to the table below to see which specialist area needs to be consulted for different types of contracts and agreements.

Agreement related to Specialist area to consult Specialist process to follow
Competitive research grants Research Services Research Grants, Contracts & Consultancies Policy
Research contracts, non-competitive research grants, or consultancy services Research Services Research Grants, Contracts & Consultancies Policy
Protecting and Commercialising intellectual property (including related Confidentiality Disclosure Agreements and Material Transfer Agreements) Innovation and Commercial Partners Intellectual Property Policy
Collaborative research ventures with external parties Division of Research and Innovation Research Centres and Research Institutes Framework - Joint Research Ventures with External Partners Template 
International agreements (Learning, teaching or research with international partner) Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) International Agreements Framework
Procurement of goods and services for the University of Adelaide Strategic Procurement Purchasing Procedures (under Financial Management Policy)
IT software or hardware Information Technology and Digital Services IT Acceptable Use and Security Policy
IT Security Procedures
Cloud-hosted applications/Software-as-a-service Information Technology and Digital Services Third Party Hosting Security Guidelines
Gifts, sponsorships, externally-funded scholarships External Relations Giving Policy
Jointly conferred academic coursework awards Pro Vice-Chancellor (Student Learning) or
Pro Vice-Chancellor (International)
Jointly Conferred Coursework Awards Policy
Jointly conferred Higher Degree by Research awards Division of Research and Innovation Jointly Conferred Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Awards Policy
Use of University brand (including name, logos, trademarks) Marketing and Communications Brand Policy
Contracts of employment and appointment of titleholders  Human Resources  As advised by Human Resources
Capital works (major or minor building work and infrastructure or property use transactions) Infrastructure As advised by Infrastructure
Engagement of consultants or contractors n/a
Establishment or acquisition of Controlled Entities Legal and Risk University Controlled Entities Policy
Insurance Contracts Legal and Risk As advised by Legal and Risk Branch