Trusts and Bequests Compliance

The Trusts Officer is responsible for managing the University-wide compliance reporting program for trusts and bequests to ensure that the income of each trust is spent only for the purposes specified by the donor.  Divisional and Faculty Heads must certify each year that the expenditure for each trust is compliant with the terms of that trust.

All Faculties, Schools and local areas are responsible for administering the expenditure of these trusts and bequests and are therefore required to liaise with the Trusts Officer about trust related decisions and administration of the trust generally.

Trusts and bequests are managed across different branches of the University:-

  • Financial Services manage all investment aspects of trusts and bequests;
  • External Relations manage donor relations, fundraising and the University's Giving Framework;
  • Local Schools and Faculties of the University manage the expenditure from the trust for the purpose specified by the donor and local management and administration of the prize/award or scholarship/fund.

University Trust Records

The terms of each trust are recorded in the University's Trust Records (UTRs).  These records set out the basis upon which each donation was gifted to the University, the University's obligations and also any administrative arrangements, ie the Rules for the Prize/Scholarship or Fund.  The University Trust Records are accessible by University staff/students only and can be found by clicking on the links below. 

For more information

Jackie Morris
Senior Trusts Officer
08 8313 5804