Trusts / Bequests

The University of Adelaide is trustee of over 550 trusts established by gifts or bequests to the University since it established in 1874.

These trusts and bequests provide income for a wide range of University purposes including prizes, awards, bursaries, scholarships, fellowships, professional chair positions, research funding, books and publications and faculty equipment.

The University acknowledges with gratitude the generosity of its many benefactors.

What we do

  • Manage the University-wide compliance reporting program for trusts and bequests to ensure that income of each trust is spent for the purpose specified by the donor
  • Provide legal advice within the University on new and existing trusts
  • Provide legal advice and work with the University External Relations branch about proposed bequests and gifts to the University.

For more information about the University's Giving Framework, refer to the External Relations branch (University staff login required).

To learn more about giving to the University, refer to the University's Give webpage.

To learn more about trusts and the obligations of a trustee, refer to the Trustee Act 101 (education material).

For more information

Jackie Morris
Senior Trusts Officer
08 8313 5804