Engaging External Lawyers

In December 2021, Council approved the Legal Engagement (External Lawyers) Policy which sets out the principles and procedures for engaging external lawyers to provide legal services to the University. The Policy ensures that there is appropriate oversight and management of the risks associated with legal issues.

External lawyers must only be engaged in accordance with the Policy.

How to engage an external lawyer

The Request to Engage an Approved Provider form should be used to request approval. If the engagement is urgent, approval may be obtained by contacting the Office of General Council directly.

Approved firms

Only firms which have been approved by the General Counsel may be engaged to provide legal services to the University:

List of Categories and Approved Providers

Approved Providers may only provide advice in the Legal Categories of Services for which they have been approved.

To engage a firm which has not been approved, please contact the Office of General Counsel for assistance.

Excluded Matters

External firms are not approved to provide advice in relation to Excluded Matters as set out in the List of Categories and Approved Providers. All requests for legal advice in relation to Excluded Matters should be directed to the Office of General Counsel.

Responsibility for costs and invoices

The business area which will be responsible for the cost of the engagement should be identified prior to submitting the Request to Engage an Approved Provider.

Generally the business unit requesting the engagement will be responsible unless alternative arrangements have been made with the Office of General Counsel.

The responsible area must also raise a Purchase Order and approve any invoices in accordance with normal University practices.

Approved Providers are required to submit their advice to the University’s Legal Advices Register at the same time as they provide it to the instructing business unit. This can be done by emailing a copy of the advice to legal@adelaide.edu.au.