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Managing COVID-19 risks in new and existing contracts

A lot has changed in just a few weeks as COVID-19 has spread globally. Those responsible for managing contracts in these changing circumstances may feel uncertain about what this means for arrangements they are currently committed to, or considering entering into. There is potential that circumstances may arise due to COVID-19 which impact the ability …



Are you ICAC aware? Attend a short info session

South Australian Public Officers are invited to attend a general awareness session to better understand the mandatory reporting obligations that apply to the University and to Public Officers under the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption Act. The event will be hosted by Deputy Independent Commissioner Against Corruption, Michael Riches. Event details ICAC Awareness for Public Officers Thursday …



Why you shouldn’t abbreviate ‘2020’ on official documents

It might seem like a time saver to abbreviate 2020 to ‘20’ on your paperwork, but doing so could open you up to fraud. If you use the shortened ’20’ to denote the year, it’s possible for an unscrupulous person to fraudulently alter the date to any year this century by adding a couple of …