Legal and Risk

As part of the Division of University Operations, we provide legal, compliance, insurance and risk management support and advice to the University.

Travel insurance

Travelling on behalf of the University? Learn more about cover available under the University's corporate travel insurance policy.

Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) gives anyone the right to request access to documents created or held by the University, in a manner that is fair and transparent. Information includes how to make or respond to a request, staff member information and forms and fact sheets.

Latest announcements



Updated contract templates for Foreign Arrangements

The Foreign Arrangements Scheme commenced on Tuesday 10 March 2021. The scheme introduces a formal notification requirement that applies to foreign arrangements entered into by all Australian state and territory entities, including public universities. The Scheme is established by the Commonwealth legislation Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020 (the Act). Under the …



Foreign engagement activities – collaborating within the national interest

Over recent decades, Australia’s economy and the higher education sector have benefited from an expansion in global engagement opportunities. With increasing connectivity through travel and technology, international student numbers grew and collaborative research projects thrived. More recently, the positive benefits to Australia have been qualified by defence and security agencies which see a down-side to …



Sending the wrong message: human error and the risk to privacy

When we think of data breaches, we usually think of delinquent hackers exploiting technical or human flaws in IT systems to hunt down the personal information of others. But in many cases the risk that private information will fall into the hands of the wrong person is much closer to home – and more everyday …