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Connecting the dots – Should declared interests be registered under the Commonwealth’s Foreign Influence Transparency Scheme?

With the commencement of another Planning Development and Review cycle supervisors may receive declarations by staff of conflicts of interest, or become aware of someone seeking to exert undue influence over staff members’ activities. If not acknowledged and properly managed, conflicts of interest or undue influence can significantly detract from staff performance and undermine University’s …



Not all quiet on the quarantine front – recent penalties are loud and clear.

Researchers who deal with quarantine status materials should take note of the recent prosecution of a Brisbane transport company found to have breached their biosecurity obligations. Late last year, the Brisbane District Court found the company guilty of numerous offences for the way they dealt with quarantine status materials. The message to quarantine permit holders …



Are you contracting for services? Some myths and regulatory truths about your contractor’s entitlements.

If you are engaging an individual or a sole trader to perform, present or complete some work for you, there are some common myths about contractual relationships you shouldn’t believe. Myth 1: I don’t have to make a superannuation payment on behalf of a contractor with an ABN (Australian Business Number). Contractors paid mainly for …