Information & documentation requirements

In establishing the FITS, the Australian Government is signalling the potential risks that can accompany any engagement with foreign entities and the need for certainty about our international partners. The FITS criteria will allow you to gain further information to give some certainty and transparency to the engagement.

This information is necessary for you to be able to identify whether you have incurred, or will incur, a registration obligation. Even if you do not have a registration obligation, you must keep a record of the information you used to reach this decision.  You should maintain a record of what you know about your collaborator, the nature of your involvement with that entity and the activities planned. It will be important for you to be transparent about any activities that could be considered to be undertaken on behalf of the foreign entity.  

Once an activity or arrangement is registered, there are ongoing obligations under the FITS. These include a requirement to report any material changes in circumstances of the activity of the arrangement, including updating information on the register to ensure that it is not misleading or inaccurate. Information that is, or will become, inaccurate or misleading must be corrected within 14 days.

You will need to make sure that any published information related to the activity or arrangement discloses the collaboration.

Registrations need to be renewed every 12 months if the registrant continues to undertake registrable activities on behalf of a foreign principal. If a registration is not renewed after 12 months, it will automatically expire.

The following information and supporting documents should be collected and saved in the University’s approved recordkeeping system:

Information about foreign principals

  • Name, nationality and country of residence or business of the foreign person or entity with whom you are dealing, or proposing to deal;
  • Details of the foreign person or entity’s business or professional activities, including URL addresses for any identified online presence or information; and
  • Any information provided by, or known about, the foreign person or entity’s connection with foreign government or foreign politics.

If you are dealing with a foreign party for whom public information is not available, the FITS Registration Assessment Form* can be provided to the relevant person or an authorised representative of the organisation, institution or corporation for completion.

Information about registrable arrangements or activities

  • Any contract, proposal or correspondence relating to the arrangements, or the nature of your collaboration with, the foreign person or entity;
  • Details of any payment or consideration that you or the University may stand to receive under the arrangement or collaboration; and
  • Details of any activities you have undertaken or propose to undertake in connection with your arrangement or collaboration, which involve communication or engagement with the Australian Commonwealth government, its departments, agencies or officials.

The FITS Registration Assessment Form* may be used to capture the information you need about the foreign entity and activity to help you decide whether a foreign engagement is registrable under the Scheme. To seek further advice on your registration obligation, please complete the template as best you can and email to the Office of the Chief Security Officer or Legal and Risk.

*To ensure your information saves properly, right click the link and select "save link as" before populating the form