Student Placement Insurance

The University provides insurance for students who participate in approved work experience or community placements.

Cover is provided on the condition that there is a signed agreement in place between the student, the host organisation and the University.

The University's insurance cover does not extend to students working in paid employment.

  • Work experience and community placements

    Placements required as part of a student's course of study which contribute to course credit.

    If you are a participating in a placement as a requirement of your course of study or for course credit, you will need to complete the Student Placement Agreement and submit the agreement to your Head of School for approval. Please refer to the work experience or community placement guide.

    Clinical placements

    If you are participating in a University approved clinical placement where no institutional level agreement exists between the University and Host Organisation, you will need to complete and submit the clinical placement agreement (found in the Clinical Placement Guide) to your Head of School for approval.

    Veterinary student placements

    The School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences - student placement guide outlines the insurance cover available for Bachelor of Sciences (Animal Science), Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience) and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine students participating in a University approved work experience or community placement programs in Australia or overseas while under the direction and supervision of a Host Organisation.

    Certificates of insurance

    Approved placements will be covered by the following insurance policies. Click to download the Certificate of Insurance for each policy:

    • Public liability to a limit of $20M per any one event for an act, error or omission on the part of the student that results in injury, loss or damage to the host organisation
    • Personal accident insurance
    • Corporate travel (where the placement involves approved travel)
    • Medical malpractice insurance (clinical placements only)
  • Voluntary placements

    Placements that do not contribute to course credit but are related to the students course of study.

    If you are participating in a voluntary placement that is not a required component of your course or for course credit, you will need to complete the application form in the voluntary placement guide and submit to the Legal and Risk Branch for approval.

    Relevant Certificates of insurance will be forwarded once the placement has been approved.

Insurance for placements ending after 31 December

The University's insurance policies indicate an end date of 31 December, however cover will continue to apply to approved placements which extend beyond this date. Insurance certificates for both the 2020 and 2021 calendar year are available on our Guides and Certificates webpage.