University Trusts Register

The University maintains a register of its bequests/trusts where the capital is held in the University's Endowment Fund or where the capital is held by an external trustee.

The register is a database of the University's endowed trusts providing relevant information about each trust such as trust terms, donor name, financial details, expenditure and Rules. The University’s Trusts/Bequests Register is an electronic web based tool that enables the recording of trust details and facilitates the printing of reports and summaries.

The register is maintained by the Legal Services Branch, and new trusts are added once a compliance pack has been sent by the Advancement Team in the Division of External Engagement. All areas are encouraged to access their trusts within the register to view information important for their administration and management of their trusts.  Access is provided to individual users on request.  Please contact the Senior Trusts Officer if you require access to the register. 


University Trusts Register



For more information

Jackie Morris
Senior Trusts Officer
08 8313 5804