University Contracts Register (UCR)

Maintaining a contract register is a core component of sound contract management practice.

The University's Contracts and Agreements Policy requires "each academic and administrative unit to maintain a register of contracts which that unit is responsible for managing. The contract register must be in a form approved by the University."

The University Contracts Register (UCR) is a University-approved register. It has been developed as a simple, cost-effective, central, web-based contract register that can be utilised by areas of the University which do not have contract management software or are utilising spreadsheets or less-sophisticated local area approaches.

Benefits of using the University Contracts Register

The UCR can store the key details of what each contract is about, who is involved, what is required to be done and by when, and contract details for each party. By having this information in one location, the UCR will enable:

  • persons to keep track of their area's obligations under current contracts;
  • easy monitoring of contract expiry, renewal or other key dates to ensure they are not missed;
  • ease of handover of contract management responsibilities in the event of change in personnel;
  • snapshot reports that can be analysed for business management and strategic purposes.

How to obtain user access to the UCR

The UCR is segmented based on the University's organisational structure. Each user will be assigned to a particular organisational level of the University, i.e. a Division, Faculty/Branch or School. A user will only be able to see contract records within their assigned organisational level or lower but not outside of it (e.g. a User with Faculty-level access will be able to have access to contracts managed by the Faculty office and all Schools within the Faculty).

User access is only granted upon request and authorisation by the head of the organisational level for which access is requested.

To request access, please complete the Request Form and email to

University Contracts Register

Download the user manual