Register Non-compliances

The University maintains a register of legal non-compliance matters occurring within the University and Controlled Entities. This is one of the ways that the University demonstrates it is managing its legal obligations.

What is a non-compliance?

A non-compliance is an actual or potential breach of State or Federal Legislation. The breach may be inadvertent because of a change in law or activity.

How do I report a non-compliance matter?

Staff members who are aware of a legal compliance matter, or have a compliance concern that may impact the day-to-day work of their area, or on the University more broadly, should make a report to

Please provide a brief summary of the action or activity that you have identified and the relevant legislation.

After you have lodged a report, someone from the University Compliance Centre will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Reports of non-compliances are generally dealt with by local areas (Schools, Branches or Controlled Entities) with assistance from Legal & Risk Branch. Senior Managers are notified of all non-compliances reported so that they can appropriately address the issue.

Once registered, assigned University personnel are advised of the non-compliance in their area and a strategy for resolving the issue is developed.

Where can I find out more?

Details about the operation of the Register and the Legal Compliance Framework can be found in the Legal Compliance Handbook.

Alternatively, contact the University Compliance Centre:

University Compliance Centre
08 8313 4539

Legal Compliance FAQs

Register a Non-compliance