2021 Westpac Asian Exchange Scholarship Recipients

Westpac scholars with JL

Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars with PVCI Professor Jacqueline Lo, (L-R) Emma Troughton; Edward Choi; Mirco Di Giacomo; Claudia Agius.

We are extremely pleased to announce our Westpac Asian Exchange Scholars for 2021, Claudia Agius, Edward Choi, Emma Troughton, Glenn Tarawa, and Mirco Di Giacomo. 

As part of receiving the scholarship, the students will receive funds for their exchange program and receive opportunities for leadership development, language learning, and internships.

On Thursday 20 May, Pro Vice-Chancellor (International) Professor Jacqueline Lo met for morning tea with the 2021 Scholars to discuss their goals and aspirations. 


About our Scholars

Claudia Agius

Claudia Agius is a Japanese and Linguistics student enthusiastic about language learning and social justice. She hopes to travel to Japan with her Westpac Scholarship. While in Japan, Claudia hopes to improve her socio-linguistic understanding, learn more about language preservation of the Japanese Indigenous languages and volunteer with Non-Profit Organisations. In the future, she hopes to have a career in Translation and Interpreting, working between Australia and Asia to address international issues and solve global problems.

Edward Choi

Edward Choi is a Law and Finance student enthusiastic about Australian and Asia-Pacific relations. Edward hopes to travel to Hong Kong SAR on his Westpac Scholarship. While in Hong Kong, Edward hopes to better connect Australian businesses, communities, and government to new technology and disruptive innovation that positively changes the way we live our day-to-day lives. He also an interest in artificial intelligence, how it is helping to solve global issues and is poised to have a significant effect on sustainability, climate change, and environmental issues.

Emma Troughton

Emma Troughton is an Arts, Laws, and International Studies student enthusiastic about culture and cross-cultural engagement. Emma hopes to travel to China on her Westpac Scholarship. She has pursued a wide range of opportunities to complement her degrees, including internships, study abroad programs and volunteering. She has also assisted the Australian Youth Representative to the UN and directed the growth of not-for-profit organisations. Emma is determined to create positive people-driven solutions for prosperity in the Indo-Pacific.

Glenn Tarawa

Glenn Tarawa is a Sociology student enthusiastic about Intersectionality, Whiteness Theory, Critical Race Theory, and Conflict theory. Glenn hopes to travel to Japan. He is interested in understanding social issues within our society, analysing them, and addressing them. Glenn believes there is potential for Australia to examine its own approach to social inequality and to learn from our allies in East Asia. Throughout his scholarship, Glenn intends on examining multiculturalism, hegemony, and workplace relations within East Asia. 

Mirco Di Giacomo

Mirco Di Giacomo is an International Relations and Arts student enthusiastic about politics in the Asia-Pacific. Mirco hopes to travel to Singapore on his Westpac scholarship. He believes in the power and importance of research in ‘making sense’ of, and providing the tools to improve, the world surrounding us. His research interests also include Asia and its relationship to Australia, the focus of his international relations capstone as well as his political analysis authorship. 

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