eChallenge Virtual Innovation Program - Funding Available

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Thanks to the Australian Government's New Colombo Plan, funding is available to 22 eligible students from the University of Adelaide to complete the HEX virtual Global Innovation Program.

Based out of HEX's virtual "landing pad" in Singapore, this 2-week program combines the principles required to succeed in a virtual, compeititve, innovation-led world, while building a solid foundation of application for commercial exploration of ideas.

This program aims to critically reflect on the new age economy, innovations and entrepreneurial practice using proven concepts, through models, procedures, tools, methods and literature in the innovation and entrepreneurship disciplinary environmment, while delivering this content with the new-age virtual start-up environment in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) context.

Singapore is the virtual home base, with 'day trips' to Indonesia, South Korea, Hong Kong, India and Taiwan. You'll get all the career benefits of a global innovation program with none of the jet lag.

This program is multi-disciplinary and students from all Faculties are encouraged to apply. Check out the program information for details on how it all works and how to apply.

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