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Student experience - Mikayla Schwarz

Mikayla Schwarz landscape

Mikayla Schwarz recently completed an exchange to the National University of Singapore, and in this article tells us about campus life and what she took away from her experience. 

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Student experience - Adrian Smitham

Adrian Smitham - Student Moment Winner

Adrian's full year exchange at Dankook University has put him in all sorts of situations, from performing to volunteering, he's used his time in South Korea to explore his varying interests. 

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Student experience - Masha Sudareva

Student experience - Masha Sudareva

Masha went on exchange to Lund University, Sweden. While overseas, she also travelled to Denmark, Finland, Norway, France, Germany, Italy, and Greece.

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Student experience - Jenal Dhar

Student Experience - Jenal Dhar

Jenal Dhar undertook a short term exchange to the European Business School as part of her Masters of Business Administration. She spent two weeks in Wiesbaden and one week in Berlin, Germany. 

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