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Kanika Singla - Exchange Alumni Testimonial

Portrait photo of Kanika in front of colourful rainbow walls

Kanika Singla completed her exchange at the University of Montréal in Semester 1 of 2024. Kanika went on Exchange for her Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts.

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Piero Jaksa - Exchange Alumni Testimonial

Piero in front of snowy mountains in Mongolia (2023).

Piero Jaksa completed his exchange at Osaka University in Semester 2 of 2023. Piero went on Exchange for his Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Physics).

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Madeleine Gray - Exchange Alumni Testimonial

Madeleine Gray - South Korea

Madeleine Gray completed her exchange at Pusan National University in Semester 1 2023. Madeleine went on exchange for her Bachelor of Environmental Policy & Management.

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Rhys Gaylard - Exchange Alumni Testimonial

Rhys hiking on a sunny day

Rhys Gaylard, a 2022 New Colombo Plan Scholar, completed two semester exchange programs in the Indo-Pacific region: Yonsei University in Semester 2 2022 and National Taiwan University in Semester 2023.

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Leticia Reppucci - Exchange Alumni Testimonial

Leticia Reppucci_Elder Hall

Leticia Reppucci completed her exchange at the City University of Hong Kong in Semester 2, 2023.

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Charlton Gunn - Exchange Alumni Testimonial

Chalton Gunn standing in front of Bonython Hall

Charlton Gunn completed his exchange at the University of California, Davis in Semester 2, 2023.

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